Want to help Hurricane Harvey victims? Here are 5 of the most effective ways how

Outside of donating money to the Red Cross, there are several other ways people can come together to provide help after Hurricane Harvey.

The most obvious and easiest way to help after Hurricane Harvey is to pick up the phone and your credit card or go online to donate money to the Red Cross. For convenience, you can even text the word “HARVEY” to the number 90999 to donate money to the Harvey victims via the Red Cross. For those who prefer to go beyond donating money to the Red Cross, there are tons of other ways to help.

Donate Incontinence Supplies

People often overlook the incontinence needs of children, elderly, and disabled people during a time of tragedy. If you have any extra packs of diapers, training pants, baby wipes, or disposable underwear at home, consider donating them to a diaper bank to help displaced individuals who may need them.

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There are also organizations in place, such as the Texas Diaper Bank, collecting monetary donations to help supply Hurricane Harvey victims with incontinence supplies.

Donate Blood

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If you live in – or near – Texas, donating blood is a free and easy way to lend a hand. According to Blood Centers, there are a number of requirements you must meet in order to donate blood:

You must be over the age of 18 (16- and 17-year-olds can donate with parental consent).

You must weight over 110 pounds (weight varies for minors).

You should eat a well-balanced meal roughly four hours beforehand.

You should drink plenty of water.

You are healthy.

Those with risky sexual histories, as well as those with certain health conditions, are not eligible to donate blood.

Provide a Home to Displaced Animals

From pets to strays to abandonees, there are thousands of displaced animals with nowhere to go following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Consider offering your home as a temporary shelter to displaced animals.

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If you don’t live within a reasonable distance to foster a displaced animal, you can also make monetary donations that go directly toward helping animals in need. Austin Pets Alive! is a great page to follow if you have a vested interest in helping the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Donate Basic Necessities and Comfort Items

Hurricane Harvey left many without everything from toilet paper and sanitary pads to food and sunglasses, and everything in between. Donating necessities, such as toilet paper, sanitary pads, and food, is a great idea. You may have items collecting dust in your home you can donate to those in need.

In addition to no basic necessities, these individuals are without luxury and comfort items. Consider donating coloring books and crayons to entertain children, pillows and blankets to provide a more comfortable place to sleep, and books to provide entertainment for people of all ages.

A very small percentage of Hurricane Harvey victims have flood insurance.

According to CNN Money, 80 percent of homeowners who had homes lost or damaged by Hurricane Harvey are without flood insurance. As such, these individuals have no financial assistance through insurance to recover lost items and homes. Donating blood, toilet paper, money, shelter, food, and everything in between will make a big impact on the lives of Hurricane Harvey victims.

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