(WATCH) Monster truck pulls US Army vehicle out of flooded Texas waters

A monster truck pulls an Army vehicle out of flooded waters.

BY PETER REID · SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 (WATCH) Monster truck pulls US Army vehicle out of flooded Texas waters Featured YouTube Monster truck pulls U.S. Army vehicle out of flooded waters

A number of monster trucks and other large vehicles are being used by volunteers to help in the rescue effort of civilians affected by Hurricane Harvey.

In this video, a monster truck helped drag a U.S. Army vehicle, which was stuck, out of the water in Houston earlier this week.

Houston resident Josh James told ABC News that he took the video in Copperfield.

According to James, a number of people flagged down the monster trucks and asked them for their help, as the Army truck was stuck and people in a nearby apartment complex needed help.

James told the news outlet that he made phone calls to his friends at the dirt racetrack “Rednecks with Paychecks” in Dallas to get them to send monster trucks to help in the rescue effort.

James added that he helped coordinate a team of 200 boats, 300 trucks and 600 people, including some from the Cajun Navy, a group of rescue volunteers from Louisiana.

“It’s an amazing feeling to see how strong our community is coming together,” James said.

The team has continued with its rescue efforts since Saturday, and as of Thursday afternoon had made their way to Port Arthur and Beaumont.


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