Dad returns home after 6 months overseas. Here’s what happened when his puppy saw him again

There’s really nothing better than a reunion video. It doesn’t matter what kind. They’re heartwarming, and they make us feel full of joy when we watch them. We don’t even have to know the people in the video!

When a dog is reunited with their owner after six months apart — the moment was caught on camera, and it’s been viewed almost 16 million times.

After being gone for over six months while serving overseas, a gentleman returns home to his family. His dog, Lucky, has apparently been missing him more than anyone in the house.

As he walks through the door, it appears that he needs to walk up a set of stairs before reaching the main floor. He calls for his dog as he begins his ascent.

When the dog hears her name called by her beloved owner, excitement ensues — and it’s next level. Lucky the dog completely loses it at the sight of her dad.

The ecstatic dog has missed her owner so much; she just can’t contain the excitement that is flooding through her adorable little body. She whines and whimpers, but of course, she’s not in pain — she’s just that overwhelmed.

The sweet pup’s tail is going completely berserk, and she can’t help licking her owner’s face until he’s covered in slobber. It’s clear that she’s a daddy’s girl to the fullest.

“Did you miss daddy?” he asks his excited dog as she awkwardly bounces around, not knowing what to do with all of her energy.

He tries to walk to the other side of the room, but the dog makes it difficult by clinging to his body as he makes his way across. If this isn’t true love, then we don’t know what is.

The man finally is able to work his way to a chair on the other side of the room and take a seat. Of course, this was the perfect opportunity for the enthusiastic girl to hop on up and make herself comfortable on his lap. It had been so long!

Her yelps of joy just get louder and louder as she realizes that she’s finally able to touch and show her owner love again.

Lucky’s yelps turn into howls, and it’s absolutely adorable. The love she has for her dad is too much for her to handle, she just has to express herself.

Her excitement doesn’t seem to want to subside — her furry little body is shaking from all of the commotion.

The sweet interaction from beginning to end was all caught on camera. By far one of the best reunion videos out there. No wonder millions of people love it.

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