Thug Threatens Victim With The ‘Hard Way,’ Not Laughing As He Gets Exactly What He Wanted

An Ohio thug recently decided that he was going to rob a gas station. He threatened the clerk, saying that they could do things the “hard way” if they didn’t give him what he wanted. Unfortunately for him, the entire ordeal was caught on video via the store’s surveillance cameras – and let’s just say he wasn’t laughing as he got exactly what he deserved and a little extra.




According to WLWT 5 NBC, the incident took place in Cincinnati after 52-year-old Andre Young walked into a local Speedway gas station. Shockingly, the man reportedly busted in just after midnight before brandishing a knife and saying that he was robbing the place.


As it turns out, Young told the cashier that “we can do this the easy way, or the hard way,” before demanding he hand over the cash in the register. Little did he know, he was about to get exactly what he asked for, but he wasn’t laughing when the dust settled.


Clearly seen in the footage since shared to World Star Hip Hop, the thug hopped up on the counter while holding a box cutter, but the cashier would quickly shove him off and to the floor. As it turns out, Young later explained that he was intoxicated during the robbery attempt, which is probably why the employee had such an easy time dealing with him – but things were far from over.

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