WATCH: Armed Bank Robber Meets PO’ed Old Man – What Happens Next Is DELICIOUS!

This bro had a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.  It didn’t go as planned.

He didn’t expect an older man to thwart his carefully orchestrated scheme.

John Ryall, 38, tried to rob a Pennsylvania bank, but he gets his taken down by 63-year old Robert Satosky, a customer of the bank.

Surveillance video shows a man believed to be homeless man John Ryall, 38, rushing into Honesdale National Bank in Scott Township, Pennsylvania, wearing a mask and waving a gun around.

As the man gets a clerk to put money in his bag however, he is tackled out of nowhere by Robert Sakosky, 63

This would-be robber was taken down by a guy almost double his age.

And he doesn’t just get taken down, the hero makes sure he takes away his gun, the bag of money, and yanks off the robber’s mask.

After the tackle, Sakosky and the robber struggle off camera. When they come back into view, Sakosky takes the gun from the man and throws the bag of money across the room.

Sakosky managed to get the man’s mask off so he let go. The unmasked robber ran out of the bank.

Source: Daily Mail

And he wasn’t done there.  When police arrived, he directed police where the suspect fled.

Watch the WNEP report:

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