WATCH: Teen Girl Beats Up Fellow Student, Thug Mom Gets Revenge On Her Face



A shocking video has emerged out of Texas, where one high school student got the shock of her life after an angry thug mom dished out sick revenge on her face following a fight the teen had with her daughter. Now, the degenerate mother is headed to jail after her sick act, and rightfully so.


The video footage captured of the nasty beat down was taken by another student who was present at the time. After the assault took place, the student reportedly sent the clip to Pinon, and she uploaded it to Facebook where it quickly went viral.


Pinon posted the video to Facebook with a plea for help in identifying the assailant. “Please help me find this lady…my daughter didn’t want to hit her because she didn’t want to disrespect her since she’s an older woman,” Pinon said. Unfortunately for Hernandez, it wasn’t just social media viewers who saw the clip. Corpus Christi police saw the footage and arrested her.





The graphic clip shows Hernandez in the blue shorts, mercilessly beating and hitting Pinon’s daughter in the courtyard of Miller High School. Hernandez violently pulls the teen’s hair as she pummels her face, causing her to fall to the ground.


You would think that Hernandez would have stopped at that point, but she didn’t. The thug mom just kept hitting the girl until a man, who appeared to be with Hernandez, urged her to leave the scene of the assault. He should be thrown in jail for just watching Hernandez brutally assault a teen girl.


During an interview with KCTV10, Pinon said she is angry with Hernandez. “I’m furious,” said Pinon. “I guess the mom was mad because my daughter was winning or something. A lady that old trying to fight with a young girl, I don’t see that’s right, you know. She had a lot of hair that was pulled out, she had knots and had scratches on her elbow,” Pinon added.


Hernandez was arrested and booked into Nueces County Jail, according to the New York Post. She is being held on a $25,000 bond and was charged with assault causing bodily injury.


There’s no excuse for the two teen’s fighting, and there probably isn’t much of a difference between the quality of parenting on either side. Still, Hernandez committed a violent crime against a minor and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In my opinion, both minors involved in the initial fight should be charged with assault, and perhaps, they will be less likely to turn out like Hernandez when they become adults.

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