Let’s see what the Ford fan boys have to say about this.

US Armed Forces test the world’s quietest military vehicle

General Motors partnered with the United States army to create an all new stealth truck with a couple bonus features to help troops in the field. This hydrogen cell-powered vehicle offers the quietest transportation for its size. Dubbed the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, the versitile automobile would allow soldiers to use nearly any type of fuel including solar, water, JP-8 jet, and any petroleum-based fuel.

A hydrogen fuel cell is the primary power source. While the truck is running, the fuel cell mixes hydrogen and oxygen creating drinkable water as a waste product. The reaction doesn’t generate a heat signature like a traditional combustion engine and makes the truck almost invisible on thermal scanners. Other than a big “whoosh” sound at start-up, the engine runs almost completely silent.

The US ARmy Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) director Paul Rogers told Defense News, “What this project is about is exploring the potential that this offers us, not only from the war fighting capability, but the positive effects on the environment and also easing some of the logistical burden that exists.”

The ZH2 is essentially an improved version of the original Chevy Colorado with larger tires, upgraded suspension, and a Corvette style cooling system. Soldiers will have the opportunity to test the ZH2 in the field starting later this year.

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