CNN’s Don Lemon Says Trump Is ‘Racist’, MLK’s Nephew Rips Him Apart To His Face, Wow

Liberals in politics and in the media over and over again make a big mistake when they automatically assume that every single African-American mindlessly votes for Democratic candidates and buys into the falsehoods that they try to spread about Republicans such as President Donald Trump.

CNN host Don Lemon learned this the hard way recently when he tried to get Isaac Newton Farris Jr., the nephew of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., to agree with him that President Trump is “racist.”

Perhaps forgetting that another King family member, Pastor Alveda King, has openly supported Trump, the CNN host brought up the president’s alleged “shitholes” comments to bait Farris to say that they were racist. Thankfully, Farris pushed back hard against Lemon.

Replied Farris, who is the child of Martin’s sister Christine KIng Farris, “I used the word ignorance, I think I’d rather say uninformed, because ignorance has a much more negative connotation to it.” He then added, straightforwardly, “The president, I do not think, is a racist as we have traditionally known in this country.”

When Don would not accept this answer, Farris pushed back harder, stating, “It makes maybe what you said or done a racist act, but it’s not an act of racism. It’s not racism in your heart. You can do something and not be aware you’re doing them. I think that’s largely the case with President Trump.” Are you glad Martin Luther King’s nephew is savvy enough not to fall into this liberal trap? Watch below:

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