How a mistaken call to a sandwich shop saved an Army veteran

US sandwich chain Jimmy John’s is known for its “freaky fast” delivery, but one branch showed it can deliver a whole lot more.

A woman thought she was calling a social worker to help her brother, an ailing Army veteran, after his spinal surgery.

Little did she know she had misdialed, accidentally calling the fast food shop in Nebraska.

“The whole time I pretty much knew that she didn’t know she was talking to someone from Jimmy John’s. It didn’t seem important to really bring it up, but I just wanted to make sure that she knew I was going to help her,” said Jason Voss, the night-shift manager at the Columbus Jimmy John’s.

Army veteran Greg Holeman, 48, was recovering from spinal surgery when he returned to his home last week. His sister, Lisa Nagengast, flew in to help get him settled at home.

But moments after landing back home in Florida, Ms Nagengast received a voice mail from her brother saying he was suffering severe pain in his left leg and couldn’t stand up.

Unsure if the US Department of Veterans Affairs would pay for Mr Holeman’s ambulance, Ms Nagengast attempted to reach her brother’s social worker.

As she frantically rushed through the airport to claim her luggage, Ms Nagengast began explaining her brother’s situation over the phone, not realising she was speaking to the wrong person.

Instead of hanging up the phone, Jimmy John manager Mr Voss jumped into gear.

He asked one of the store’s drivers, Zach Hillmer, to pick up Mr Holeman and take him to the emergency room.

Once Mr Hillmer called Ms Nagengast back to find out more information about her brother, it became clear to her she was not talking to a social worker.

“I was kinda gracefully [trying to] back out of everything that had happened at that point,” Ms Nagengast told CNN.

“He was like, ‘No no no, I will take him to the hospital. You give me his name and his address and make sure that he gets in the car with me, and I will get him where he needs to go.'”

After the phone mix-up, Ms Nagengast thanked the employees for stepping up.

“I cannot say thank you enough to Jason Voss and Zack (sic) Hillmer … there are not enough words to express my gratitude,” Ms Nagengast wrote in a Facebook post this week.

“I’m famous for calling a wrong number, but Zach and Jason need to be famous because they did an amazing act of kindness,” she told CNN.

Mr Holeman’s trip to the emergency room was a successful one. The veteran is back home and is recovering well.

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